Dafna Rosenblum was born on a kibbutz in Israel and was raised in Chile. She came to New York city to study modern dance where she then choreographed and perfomed her own work as well as choreographed for Theater in New York, Chile, San Francisco and Stockholm Sweden.

She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and practices Ashtanga yoga daily. She has studied with Indian teachers such as Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Arun H.S .

Pilates is another passion Dafna shares. She created a Pilates Mat class infused with her modern dance expertise for a very unique workout that is guaranteed to challenge every part of your body!

Dafna is unparalleled and will inspire you! You will be amazed watching her body fold into positions effortlessly as she strongly utilizes her breath and her focus to guide her. Dafna teaches every level and will adjust her class to the level she feels is needed by her students.

Here at Club Pilates Wellness Center, Dafna takes her students outside on our Country Club grounds in between two bodies of water for an early Sunday morning yoga class. What a way to start your week!